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I’m presenting at the TechGov Leadership Forum 2018!¬†That’s an annual Executive Leadership Forum presented by Canadian Government Executive Media, publishers of “Canadian Government Executive” magazine. To quote their ad: “The Forum focuses on executive leadership. It takes on the challenge of how to strategically and seamlessly link the worlds of open government, policy, and citizen-centred services while leveraging proven technology strategies”. My session will be on mapping networks of policy, programs and service providers as a new technology supporting better understanding and design of policy and programs. The Forum will be held on January 29-30 at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa. More information is available at http:techgov.ca.

October 10/17 Hey! I’m a Canadian Evaluation Society-Credentialed Evaluator! YAY!

July 14/17 – As a member of Social Value Canada, I was pleased to see the “Impact Management Glossary” released by the Impact Management Project.¬†The release references the Project’s partnership in this work with Social Value Canada, Social Value US, and the American Evaluation Association, and we look forward to lots more meaningful progress in the next year. Stay tuned to Social Value Canada as we ramp up our efforts this year.

April 2/17 I’m off to Halifax to deliver two sessions of my data viz course with members of CES-Nova Scotia. Looking forward to a great couple of days!

Feb. 1/17 Thanks to the American Evaluation Association for spotlighting me in the January 2017 Newsletter – “Face of AEA – Meet John Burrett”. Maybe I’m biased now, but I think the AEA is a great organization!



Jan. 31/16 Outgoing AEA President John Gargani discussing our Conference Twitter Mapping at the AEA Conference closing plenary, October 2016. Go to the 1:30 mark for the start of the brief discussion. Also stick around to the 4:56 mark for Cameron Norman’s explanation of his brilliant “Design Loft” session at the conference.



Nov. 22-23/16 Spent two really enjoyable days with members of the CES-Prince Edward Island Chapter delivering my data viz course. Two interesting and engaged groups of people and truly great hosts.

Oct. 24-28/16 The Impact Convergence and American Evaluation Association Conference, 2016 were great. I provided a running update of Twitter networks that developed over the course of these events. We will use the data to understand and strengthen the links between social impact investment leaders and evaluators. Click on this thumbnail to see the latest image of the network. This one as of mid-day Oct 31; second day after the end of the evaluation conference. There was strong connection between impact measurement and evaluation people, and a number of distinct interest clusters.both-hash-and-handle-oct-31-959I was also thrilled to give a presentation this year at AEA, entitled “Getting comfortable with complexity: a network analysis approach to program logic, design and evaluation”, as well as to chair a multi-paper session entitled “Social Network analysis: A design for understanding collaboration and partnerships”. And on top of this, the Impact Convergence taking place just before the conference was a real meeting of the minds on advancing social impact measurement.


I’m offering TWO NEW ONE-DAY COURSES that will quickly and dramatically improve your ability to gather, understand and present data that is important to you, your clients and your stakeholders: “One day to mapping social media” and “One day to better data presentation”. You can’t get all of this from a book. Perfect for staff groups and conferences – see the Training page.


I am, to quote Jamie Oliver, dead chuffed to be able to now offer INTERACTIVE DATA VISUALIZATION AND PRESENTATION USING D3.js. This javascript library allows customizable and interactive data visualizations that can be put up on any website or html page without the limitations and cost of proprietary software like Tableau and the like. See the demo pages attached to the Portfolio page of this site.


Canadian Evaluation Society Conference June 2016, St. John’sI did a SOCIAL NETWORK MAPPING OF CONFERENCE TWITTER TRAFFIC during the event. Really fun and interesting. I’ve shared the data and lessons learned with CES, and have written this up on my blog page. My data viz workshop was again a success – thanks to all for coming out!


Visit the American Evaluation Association’s Topical Interest Group on Social Network Analysis. As the 2016 Program Chair I think we are going to make a strong showing at the 2016 AEA Conference. We are hoping to sign up some new members and start repopulating the TIG website with lots of good information: http://comm.eval.org/snatig/home.