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While I cannot share much of the work I have done for clients, I would like to share some examples of my visual analysis work, mostly from demonstrations.

D3.js interactive data visuals

Make sure you see the examples of D3.js visuals included in this section (see the sub-menu under Portfolio in the menu above). These custom-coded javascript data visuals let you put interactive visuals right onto your web page, e-bulletins and digital reports.

Mapping social media for events

Social network analysis

Mapping Twitter conversations is a great addition to any conference or event. I recently mapped the Twitter traffic at the annual Canadian Evaluation Society conference in St. John’s. By doing several updates during the conference, we were able to encourage participants to communicate about what excited them and what was coming up that shouldn't be missed. This also gave us a record of all of the things people were saying, which will help in future conference planning.

Network analysis: mapping people, systems and information

Network analysis - social networks and dynamic systems

This is a quick look at some of the applications of network analysis for policy, evaluation and business. Click to go to a short slidedoc.

#Cop21Tweets: Hope, hype and cynicism: a social network mapping of Twitter data

Social network analysis

This is a mapping of 2,000 tweets using the official hashtag #Cop21 on the first morning of the COP21 meetings.  I displayed selected tweets to show some of the diversity of opinion. Click for a closer look at the Cop21 network.

Data Dashboard Designs

Effective business intelligence

Effective graph designs are used to present critical data in one place. Dashboards are a key to effective use of data for business intelligence. Click on this to access a quick look at dashboard designs.

Business Enterprise Research & Development in Canada

Interactive Visualization

A summary of business enterprise research and development in Canada, set up as a series of interactive dashboards. Click to access the interactive version.

Cultural Expenditures in Canada

Interactive Visualization

Another dashboard-style presentation, designed to present a lot of information clearly and quickly. Click for the interactive dashboard.

Diffusion of Information Products

Social Network Analysis

A view of diffusion of research done for the National Research Council Canada (actual product example).

Social and Health Difficulties Among Aboriginal Persons in Alberta

Dynamic system mapping

A mapping of theoretical causes and effects of social and health difficulties among Aboriginal people in Alberta, for Human Services, Alberta (actual product example).

Network Analysis for Government Relations & Journalism

Social Network Analysis

Social network analysis reveals patterns of communication between the federal government and lobbyists, using Lobbyist Registry data. Click on this for a short presentation.

Social Network Analysis of Email

Social Network Analysis

This is a very useful technique for tracking flows of information: internally to understand and manage communications, externally for tracking sales and leads or organizational/personal contacts - you name it.

Map of Lobbying in Canada

Social network analysis

Another view of a year of lobbying, on all subjects, to the Government of Canada. Clusters defined on various subjects are identified.

Ontario Baby Names from 1917 to 2010

Interactive Visualization

This one was for fun. Interesting how the old names have died away and new ones have risen - and more so for girls' names than boys'. Click on the image to go to the interactive version.

Fully interactive data presentation. Click on the tabs at the top to activate this set of data displays on social development indicators , then explore.